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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Danger Girl Starship Experiment releases

There will be a total of four Danger Girl Starship Experiment releases from 2008-2009 . These are the only releases that I have found after total searching on old archives. Back in 2012 my laptop had a error and still powers on but its something about a connection locking out of my system which had all my old danger girl starship stuff. Back in 2008l I used this website called CLLCT and it hosted all my danger girl starship releases,that website is gone and I don't know where to get more of my stuff. So The releases will be "KCPR Session" One long track because that how it was made. "Sun State" my voice and tone were in a young state but features a track "Arriba" which you made be familiar with "TORSO"" weird song titles and more experimental. TORSO is a fading out and away from my experimental side before making Selena Gomez and other fun tracks and when the name DaGSSE was dying. Lastly "Vera Dynamite" is a synth sound album with a few guitars sound in it. This is my KID A album.

I will upload KCPR session first and every month until the new P.V. Herrera album comes out  The final danger girl starship eps "Teenager" and "Daughters" can be found on BFW Recordings website.

I had a english teacher who made make folders of papers from the entire semester to see growth in our writing. This is something like that.I want to listen to my old stuff in order to see growth.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Its march...

and I haven't posted anything new lately. I'm sorry about that. I still play music. Will always play music. I been doing videos of stuff that will appear on the new album which will be called "Visions of Hailee". I finally got my Gibson S-1 back in working order and also my Ibanez L6-S clone. I'm in process of looking for guitars that will fit with the new album, giving it a sound of the album. I used a MIM Strat and MIM DUO SONIC for my first album. With my S-1 and L6-S, I been practing which guitars to use for each song. Slowly by Slowly.  I saw these G&Ls on a forum and I;m thinking about buying one of them. More about that later.

Hope everything is well.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

new album info

You can stream an preview of what the new album is going to sound like. The album is going to feature my back catalog from 2008-2015 (but not the songs from Cigarettes and Weddings, by P.V. Herrera) and will be recorded by Jeff Grandinetti in my own studio. I love the songs sounds. I just discovered how to program drums loops on my boss looper and when Jeff comes to record again, we will have to redo some tracks with drums loops. The two tracks on the soundcloud are my favorite songs I like to play: "Crystal Clearwater" and "Cousins" without drum loops. They are recorded live but sound so good.

Gear wise...I am hoping to have some new guitars by the new year. I'm thinking about get a G&L for the album recording as well as using the Jazzmaster and hopefully the Gibson S-1. The amp of choice will be a Fender Musicmaster Bass amp, it has a tone knob and has great cleans. For pedals, will be using a Echobox by Subdecay and Mono Shimmer by a company name I can't and am to lazy to look up. For fuzz, it varies.

Friday, October 16, 2015

It's late at night (P.V. Herrera news)

So, I decided to do an official follow up to my first album "Cigarettes and Weddings". The album will be simply titled "An Album". It will feature songs from Your Shinigami Eyes and A Very Serious Knock Knock Joke, selected songs from both those albums. Those album were demos, tests, and seeing what songs people liked and what I liked. What going to be different from those albums and "An Album", is that it will be recorded by someone, mixed and mastered by someone, put on iTunes, google play and amazon, and hopefully a local label in town will release in town based CD-R. There will be different album arts, one for iTunes, one for google play and amazon, one for CD-R/label and yah yah yah. To show that I am seriously about this, I have updated the tracks for "Cigarettes and Weddings" with those from The Best of as well as keeping the originals hidden. The first four tracks are updated while the rest remains original. The album "Cigarettes and Weddings" was recorded by Loom Fittue, a musician and optoer of his own recording studio and a fellow guitar gear slut.

Also, with these tracks recorded professioally or sounding good, I'll have these tracks on the radio.

There are still kinks to work out with different recorders and shit. The album will have 11 tracks.

The Following tracks you heard of, but will get the work and sound they deserved.

AZ Order:
Anne Hathaway
Big Tought Arianna
Chelsea's Gas Station
Crystal Clearwater
For Hailee
A Letter Never Given
The Roommate
Vicky J Bravo

Plus two bonus tracks on the CD-R label, demos from 2012-2015.

May release this shit by the end of the year or beginning of Jan 2016.

For those who are wondering about the acoustic project, The Birthday Card, that will still be happening and will be self recorded and self released until I get some attention with "An Album"

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Birthday Card

I have a new project. It is called "The Birthday Card", a emo/acoustic outfit that will be active by being of 2016. All things acoustic will be under "The Birthday Card", all things Electric "P.V. Herrera".

I created this project to write more on the acoustic. I'm using more chord shapes and progressions than melodies I do on the electric guitar. Just a different appoarch to music.

The name is indeed (IMO) EMO sounding, like the Promise Ring or American Football.

And since its emo style lyrics, there is going to be a lot of emotion and relationship based songs.

My first album will come out this year, maybe on a local label in my town. If not, I'll just self released it.

The album will features some recordings that dated back to 2007. In fact, I will put the year that songs were written (not recorded, though some songs will be in the original form/recording.)

By next week, when my voice is healed from this cold, I'll be recording songs.

You can hear and listen to the old songs that I wrote back in 2007-2008.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It all make sense.

You know the moment where someone tells you more about a person (assmusing that they know and trust you like family) that you been looking about some stuff that makes a compete circle and even the fact that person (the messager) uses that word. That everything makes sense afterward, all the little things that happen matters. Yeah I had that moment today.